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Learn how to code. Develop a website. With a personal tutor. HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, Adobe Photoshop and more.

Program Coordinator Profile

Tayo Banjo M.Ed. | Email: | Call: 857-919-9488

Helping students develop technology skills both in a classroom setting and online is a big part of what I do in various courses including PHP, MySQL, ASP, JavaScript, XHTML and Adobe Photoshop. Through my experience, I believe in teaching with concepts and tasks that expose students to real-world problems so what they learn can be applied in the job market. I have seen that this approach helps students get personally involved and interested in learning.

Every student I work with can be assured that they will get the same high-level commitment and individual attention I've provided to 100's of students I've worked with over the years.

As a member of faculty in the Computer Media Technology department at Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, MA since 2009, I believe in student-centered learning that draws upon students' life experiences and in using strategies and technologies to maximize opportunities where students can reach their educational goals. One of those strategies is ensuring that students engage with technological tools to solve class problems that prepare them for business or regular employment.

In my online classes, students appreciate the classes because they say they have the flexibility to work from home or anywhere else. They also like the idea of not having to make the trip to the campus which saves time and money. In terms of understanding and excelling in the courses, I find that some students do as well or better than their counterparts in my face-to-face classes. It is my conclusion that such online students have a lot of focus and discipline, are self-motivated and have quite busy lifestyles. Being able to continue their education in a convenient way, helps them achieve their personal goals.

An idea that my students find quite helpful is in seeing the completed works of other classmates posted after submission deadlines. This is a form of reflective sharing. Students regularly say that they benefit from classmates’ feedback and get positively challenged when they see others making progress in certain challenging areas. They exchange ideas on problems and fixes and can apply the knowledge gained to future tasks or assignments.

Before completing my M.Ed. in Educational Technology, I attended and completed my Associate in Science degree with Highest Honors at Bunker Hill Community College. I was the only student in May 2009 graduating class to receive that distinction after being on numerous Dean’s lists. After my graduation, I was honored to join the faculty of Bunker Hill Community College in the Computer Media Technology department.

In addition to teaching, my experience in IT was developed since 2008 first as an Analyst/Web designer at Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center in Boston, MA and later as the Director of Information Technology in the same organization.

In my role, the Director of IT is responsible for designing and creation of electronic/computer based programs which eliminate the use of paper files and documents and development and maintenance of the employee portal. Some of these tracking programs were built run on PHP/MySQL, MS Access and JavaScript. One such web-based program is used to document patient registration in the Massachusetts MEDICAID program. The program is able to perform search queries and run reports needed by the state agency.

Technology is certainly dynamic and changes are frequent and often which makes it hard to keep up. This is why I enjoy learning about and teaching computer-related technologies and ensure that I maintain a lifestyle of life-long learning so I can share the knowledge I gain on the job - both in academics and business - everyday to help my students.

My experience and work in the IT field gives me a broad range of technology and web-based development know-how that will positively benefit anyone I work with.

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